Equinics is a Danish webshop, with pop up shop and an extraordinary service, completely devoted to products that can help you train your horse injury-free, as well as a wide range of therapy products for the prevention and healing of injuries.

At Equinics you will also find the absolute best training gadgets and tools for optimizing your training. Think of Hylofit - heart rate monitor for horse and rider, Equestic Saddleclip training analysis, the Pixio and Pixem film robot, Vert - measures the head position of your horse, and much more.

Finally, you will find books, articles, DVDs, basic care articles and nutritional supplements.

Equinics has Denmark as its home base, but since we are Dutch, the shop has also been translated into Dutch and we are of course also happy to send our products to Dutch customers.

The largest part of our range consists of innovative products for horse and rider. All products are used or tested by ourselves and partly because of this we can advise customers well before use and help with questions during use. Customer service is our top priority and we therefore offer a lifetime service when purchasing one of our products.

Also rental of therapy products

Do you need a product for only a shorter treatment period or for a certain part of the rehabilitation? Then we offer the possibility to rent such products for a short or slightly longer period! Read more under 'Rental' or call or email us for more info.


In the menu you will find answers to most questions about buying in our webshop, payment, freight, return policy and much more.

If you have any other questions or need help with your order, please email info@equinics.eu. You can also call us, our telephone number is +45 28 18 85 77. Were you unable to reach us? Leave a message, send a text or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Equinics: everything for a healthy and fit horse!

More about the people behind Equinics

Equinics is the company of Romi Royé. She is an enthusiastic Icelander breeder and leisure rider and moved from the Netherlands to Denmark years ago. In addition to her busy job, she has Equinics: a webshop entirely devoted to health and fitness in horses. Her passion lies in finding special products and training gadgets that can help rider and horse in their development.


In addition to Romi, Kimbel Kwaak also works in the company. Kimbel, also of Dutch origin and also an Icelander enthusiast, has run a training and sales stable with Icelanders for many years, before she focused more on selling equestrian and equestrian equipment & offering top customer service in Denmark. She has gained many years of broad experience in a large Danish equestrian shop and has now made the choice for more specialization and depth in the products to be sold.

Kimbel has years of experience in training horses using heart rate monitors and daily rides and trains her own horses and sometimes, if there is time, also clients' horses.