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  • If your horse is ill, or has been injured or injured, ArcEquine will help. TheArc Equine is specially designed to help the horse's body recover from injury and illness.

    When the body needs to regenerate after illness or injury, the cells use a lot of energy (ATP). ArcEquine mimics the body's natural electrical currents and reintroduces them into the cells. This speeds up many processes, including by increasing the production of ATP in the body by up to 500%. The device thus accelerates the body's own recovery and enables the reduction of pain and inflammation.

    ArcEquine offers the best conditions for rapid healing and is the smallest microcurrent device in the world for pain management and tissue repair.

    It is used for pain relief, disease, bone and joint problems and general recovery.

    ArcEquine has many users who have shared their experiences and great results and you can read their stories in the link below the page. For example, ArcEquine has been used with positive results in: kissing spines, tendon and muscle injuries, sarcoids, acute obstruction, skin problems, swelling, wounds, arthritis, etc.

    The ArcEquine Complete Kit includes everything you need to get started and includes:

    1 x ArcEquine Unit

    1 x Ben Strop

    2 x Carbon Rubber Pads

    1 x conductive gel (250 ml)

    1 x charger

    1 x user manual


    Which programs should I use?

    ArcEquine has 4 programs designed to optimally optimize ATP production to support the cellular processes involved in the natural stages of pain reduction and tissue repair. The programs provide a specific sequence of frequencies that correspond to the stages of pain reduction and tissue repair in the order they would naturally occur.

    How often should I use the device?

    Each program lasts 3 hours and the device switches off automatically at the end of each treatment. We recommend that you follow the 6 week introductory protocol and follow a daily 3-hour program.

    Where on the horse's leg should the leg strap be placed?

    Ideally the strap should be placed on the outside of the lower leg and around the leg, as this is the most suitable location for making a good connection. We also recommend that the belt alternate between the legs every day and not be worn over the affected area or near areas of inflammation.

    The programs

    We always recommend going through the next 6 week cycle first to maximize ATP production. Once the first 6 week cycle has finished, you should use Program 4 (Maintenance) for a minimum of two days per month, or you can select the individual program that best suits your horse's condition (see below for a description of what each program is) addressing). Use ArcEquine every day in the most appropriate program if there is injury.

    Every few months we recommend repeating the 6 week cycle to maintain optimal results.

    P1 = Pain 75% and tissue repair 25% Programming 
    use daily for 1 week

    P2 = Pain 50% and tissue repair 50%
    use daily for 2 weeks

    P3 = Pain 25% and tissue repair 75%
    use daily for 3 weeks

    P4 = Pain 0% and tissue repair 100%
    maintenance program

    Each program lasts 3 hours.

    Can ArcEquine be used when the horse is out on the pasture?

    Provided it is kept clean and dry and the ArcEquine is fully protected with a bandage or bandage , it can be used on pastures.Some users have found it helpful to use Grease Wrap to protect their device Please note that accidents or water damage are not covered by the warranty.

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