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  • You can rent the Accuhorsemat  per whole week for only 30,- Euro, plus a deposit of 175,- Euro. You will of course receive the deposit back after the blanket is returned safely and in good condition at Equinics.

    Do you want to buy the product immediately after a rental period? Then of course we deduct the rental price from the purchase price!

    Write us for more info!

    By placing and confirming an order for one - or more - rental products in the Equinics webshop, you agree to the our rental conditions.


    Accuhorsemat® is a smart acupressure blanket for use on horses. Accuhorsemat® increases blood circulation, relaxes muscles and releases beneficial endorphins to help your horse relax and experience increased well-being.

    Using the blanket before riding will relax the muscles of the horse. horse and calm a tense horse - and generally make it easier to prepare the horse for work. Using Accuhorsemat® after exercise helps the horse's muscles to recover faster while providing a comfortable feeling and relaxation.

    Accuhorsemat® helps your horse to relax and perform better.

    • Increases blood circulation
    • Prevents muscle problems
    • Prevents muscle pain
    • Helps against and prevents back pain
    • Faster recovery
    • Increases mobility

    How does the Accuhorsemat work?

    Acupressure is an ancient treatment method for relaxation and pain relief, which stimulates the acupuncture points along the energy pathways of the body - the so-called meridians.

    The horse's skin and nervous system are much more sensitive than those of humans, and when 11,000 neat spikes work on the horse's acupressure points, a noticeable effect is achieved in a short time.

    Accuhorsemat® has acupressure mats with "nail rosettes" - small flower-shaped spikes - perfectly placed over the shoulders and crotch of the horse. The mats in the rug itself can be moved to make them perfect for your specific horse.

    The Accuhorsemat® acupressure rug increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and releases beneficial endorphins to help your horse relax and feel better. to feel.

    Muscle stimulation

    Tight muscles cause the horse to experience discomfort or pain and to overcompensate with movements that are harmful to the body. In addition, there is a risk that a shorter stride length occurs and that the horse has reduced muscle growth. Our test shows that using Accuhorsemat® before and after work results in a calmer and relaxed horse with relaxed muscles, which accelerates the removal of waste products and lactic acid from the muscles.

    Stimulation of shoulder acupressure points

    The acupressure mats on the shoulders stimulate many of the horse's meridians, including in the muscles of the horse's anterior side. The mats can be moved to suit your horse.

    Adjustable pressure

    The shoulder strap allows to regulate the pressure on the relevant acupressure points.

    Stimulation of the posterior acupressure points

    The main meridians of the horse are reached through the acupressure points in the hindquarters. Thus, the largest of the three acupressure mats is located here, containing the bulk of the blanket's total 11,000 pressure points.

    Sensitive areas are avoided

    The hips and part of the spine are sensitive to pressure and should not be stimulated by an acupressure blanket. The Accuhorsemat therefore avoids them completely.

    How do you use the Accuhorsemat?

    When you buy the Accuhorsemat at Equinics, a Dutch user manual is included - with clear pictures how the Accuhorsemat should lie on the horse . It is recommended to start gradually. The horse must be tethered at all times while using Accuhorsemat and under constant supervision at all times. Do not use the Accuhorsemat if the horse has skin damage or shows signs of irritation.

    Size Guide

    Accuhorsemat® is available in 3 sizes, Small (110-125cm), Medium (125-145) and Large (155-165).

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