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  • The Cambox Original is a basic helmet camera, with a unique position under the peak of your helmet.

    The lightweight camera is attached using Velcro and records from the rider's perspective to maximize the potential to analyze the rider s performance.

    The camera has a unique position - not mounted on top of your riding helmet, but simply, with Velcro, under the peak of the helmet.

    The Cambox Original is impact resistant and requires no adjustments to the rider's helmet! The helmet thus retains its full safety and is therefore also approved by the FEI!

    Cambox Original details:

    • Lightweight: weighs less than 50 grams
    • 720P 30 fps
    • Lens tilt is possible up to 40 degrees
    • Angle shooting: panorama 120 degrees
    • Built-in microphone
    • USB plug & play: for charging the battery and transferring files
    • Recording time: Approx. 60 minutes
    • Memory card: up to 32GB micro SD possible
    • No stabilization
    • No Wifi or App

    If you want a more advanced helmet camera, take a look at the Cambox V4+! This camera has multiple functions, a wider filming angle, smart WiFi and App connection and much more.

    The Cambox Origin comes standard with:

    • 1 Cambox Original in black
    • 1 MicroSD card (16Gb)
    • 1 USB microSD card reader
    • 1 USB cable
    • 1 Velcro closure
    • 1 microfibre cloth
    • 1 user manual

    Additional accessories that can be purchased:

    • Extra Velcro (per 1 or 3 pcs):  ideal if you have several helmets or if you want someone to try out your Cambox
    • Cambox Storage and protection box
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