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  • The Catago Hybrid Cooler Blanket is one of the products from the Hybrid series and therefore equipped with the revolutionary Hybrid technology.

    The Hybrid products have a very special liner with a Graphene print -  made of carbon fragments. Graphene has a unique thermoregulatory effect. It ensures that the temperature does not rise too high in warm conditions and that the body temperature is maintained in cold conditions. Graphene provides a filter between the body and the environment and can thus maintain the ideal temperature for the horse. It also distributes the heat of any "hot spots" evenly.

    An additional advantage of graphene is that it is anti-static, very lightweight and very strong, making it very durable.

    The Catago Hybrid Cooler Blanket of course has the well-known and good Catago fit, removable cross surcingles and a mesh net on both sides for faster removal of excess heat, for example when cooling down after a workout.

    • Temperature regulating
    • Anti-Static
    • Anti-bacterial
    • Breathable
    • Nice Fit

    Color: Midnight Blue

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