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  • Perfect your riding technique and optimize performance with CoreX Equine — the only training solution that offers real-time biofeedback for posture monitoring and analysis. Now with Bluetooth integration!

    Designed to be used by yourself or with a trainer, CoreX Equine is a simple and dynamic gadget you can use to measure and improve riding performance.

    • Train your Core Strength
    • Improve your balance
    • Help your horse

    The CoreX Equine app is compatible with a wide range of Apple devices and the sensor detects and displays real-time adjustments. The visual audio instructions help riders correct balance problems to achieve ideal posture.

    CoreX Equine:

    • With the CoreX Equine app you can track, measure and compare the training results.
    • Choose the level of driving skills - from beginner to advanced - as well as gait: walk, trot and canter.
    • Audio, visual and vibrating cues help riders and trainers correct techniques on the road.
    • All your biofeedback data is stored securely via the cloud and can be sorted by dates, horses, etc.
    • Made from durable nylon and neoprene.
    • With Velcro, the belt can be attached securely and comfortably around the rider's waist.
    • In the compartment at the back of the belt there is - next to the CoreX Equine space for a powerpack, saddle locker key etc.
    • The sensor is so light you hardly notice you're wearing it. Also, there are no wires to get in the way.
    • With Bluetooth LE communication, the sensor works for more than 1 hour on a full charge, or all day with a portable charger.
    • Wherever you ride in the box - the sensor continues to provide accurate, instant feedback to the trainer in the center.

    This package includes:

    • CoreX Equine Sensor
    • CoreX Equine Belt
    • microUSB charging cable
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