• Omschrijving
  • Omschrijving
  • PIXEM is your digital cameraman that automatically follows you while driving! Both indoors and out, the PIXEM follows you while driving in the box or on the track. It automatically zooms in and out and can be operated from the horse, by means of a watch worn by the rider.

    Now you can film your training more independently and without the help of a cameraman.

    Very suitable for equestrian sports, but also for other sports genres or conferences, events, exercises etc.


    • Exact and fast
    • Use indoor or outdoor
    • Range 100m
    • Remote Control App
    • Start / stop directly from the watch

    Mount your own smartphone or tablet on the PIXEM robot and place it on the tripod. Set up the 3 towers as described in the manual and turn on the watch (it takes about 2 minutes to set up).

    The PIXEM robot will now follow the supplied watch, which is mounted on the rider ( or the gymnast, the ball player, the speaker or the actor ;-). When the watch is far away, the camera zooms in and vice versa, when the watch gets closer, the camera zooms out.

    Starting and stopping recording can be performed from the watch.

    The PIXEM package contains:

    • PIXEM Camera Robot
    • Tripod for the PIXEM robot
    • Mobile / tablet holder
    • PIXEM watch
    • 3 beacons incl. tripods
    • Chargers for all parts
    • 32Gb micro SD card for firmware updates

    Check here which smartphones and tablets are suitable for the PIXEM.

    If you prefer to film with a camera (often a better zoom quality than a tablet), the PIXIO may be more suitable.

    Extra at Equinics

    Customer service is a top priority at Equinics! When you buy your PIXEM or PIXIO at Equinics, FREE is included:

    • 32Gb micro SD card for future software updates
    • with PIXIO Ready to Film also a 64Gb camera memory card
    • latest software update downloaded and installed
    • Service and customer support during installation and use

    With this service pack you should be able to start filming as soon as you receive your PIXEM or PIXIO! And if you have any questions, we're happy to provide support - all days of the week!