VBy Hilary M. Clayton & Narelle C. Stubbs

Unmounted Exercises for Dynamic Mobility, Strength and Balance

Activate Your Horse's Core consists of a 95 minute DVD and a step-by-step manual with laminated pages and spiral binding that can be taken to the barn.

The DVD and manual show how to perform exercises that mobilize the joints and engage the muscles used to round and stabilize the horse's neck, back and pelvis during athletic activities. 

In addition to improving strength and flexibility, these exercises will improve your horse's posture, self-carriage and balance, especially in the highly-collected movements.

The exercises are performed from the ground and do not require sophisticated equestrian skills or special equipment.

The exercises have been designed by a veterinarian and a physical therapist to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries by strengthening the muscles of your horse's core.