Equine Fitness

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  • A conditioning program of Exercises & Routines for your horse

    By JEC Aristotle Ballou

    Get your horse in shape and maintain his overall fitness, regardless of his age or abilities. Equine Fitness shows you how, with a simple conditioning program made up of fun exercise routines specifically designed to enhance your horse’s strength and agility.

    Clear, step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations make the exercises easy to follow, and the book includes a handy set of pocket-sized cards that you can tear out and use while on horseback or in the ring.


    1.How the muscles work

    2.General rules of fitness

    3.Schooling vs. Conditioning

    4.Posture determines strength

    5.Warming up and cooling down

    6.The mighty neck

    7.The stifle is critical

    8.Time to stretch

    Taal: Engels

    Paperback, 135 paginas

    Uitgegeven in: 2009