The Athletic Horse

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  • Principles and Practice of Equine Sports Medicine

    By David Hodgson & Catherine McGowan & Kenneth McKeever

    Showing how to maximize performance in horses, The Athletic Horse: Principles and Practice of Equine Sports Medicine, 2nd Edition describes sports training regimens and how to reduce musculoskeletal injuries.

    Practical coverage addresses the anatomical and physiological basis of equine exercise and performance, centering on evaluation, imaging, pharmacology, and training recommendations for sports such as racing and show jumping. Now in full color, this edition includes new rehabilitation techniques, the latest imaging techniques, and the best methods for equine transportation.

    Written by expert educators Dr. David Hodgson, Dr. Catherine McGowan, and Dr. Kenneth McKeever, The Athletic Horse includes a website with video clips of gaits, lameness, and equine maneuvers. Expert international contributors provide cutting-edge equine information from the top countries in performance-horse research: the U.S., Australia, U.K., South Africa, and Canada.

    The latest nutritional guidelines maximize the performance of the equine athlete. Extensive reference lists at the end of each chapter provide up-to-date resources for further research and study.  

    Taal: Engels

    Hardcover, 408 pagina's

    Uitgegeven in: 2013