The magic of Incrediwear lies not only in its ability to improve blood circulation, but also lymph flow. This makes this technology a breakthrough in circulation therapy for horse and rider!

Incrediwear Equine products contain Germanium and Carbon, which release negative ions when activated by body heat. These negative ions cause vibrations at the molecular level, increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage help to transport more oxygen and nutrients to the areas where it is needed and help to dispose of waste products faster. This optimizes the body's natural healing process and accelerates healing and recovery.

Incrediwear products work without compression and can therefore be used 24-7.

Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
Reduces swelling and inflammation
Works as a cooling bandage when wet
Prevents injuries by reducing muscle fatigue
Accelerates healing and recovery
Optimizes performance

Incrediwear is developed to prevent injuries, accelerate recovery and improve performance. Thanks to the innovative technology in Incrediwear products, they can help keep healthy horses healthy and prevent injuries. In case of injury, they will aid recovery from injury.

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