What is bi-medEctoin®?

We presented this question to Lea van Bitop, and below she explains what it is, how it works and what you can use it for.

by Lea Hüser, bitopEqui

Bi-medEctoin® may not tell you anything right away, but we're pretty sure you've used it before. Our partners have long appreciated the highly effective and protective properties of bi-medEctoin® and are already using it in many ways. Just keep that in mind the next time you buy nasal spray, eye drops, lozenges, or a skin cream at the drugstore.


bi-medEctoin® belongs to a group of stress protection molecules called extremolytes.

Extremolytes are substances produced by microorganisms and plants to protect themselves against extremely hostile living conditions (think polar ice, salt lakes, desert, etc.). In the 1980s, microorganisms were discovered in a salt lake in the Egyptian desert that protect against the extreme heat and high salinity in a salt lake. Using a biotechnological process, we at Bitop in Dortmund have succeeded in imitating what happens in nature and have found a way to produce bi-medEctoin®.


bi-medEctoin® - we also call it nature's self-defense strategy.

bi-medEctoin® protects against external influences from the environment, such as environmental pollution or temperature fluctuations. The protective properties are based on the water-loving properties of bi-medEctoin®. It attracts the water molecules from its environment and binds them to itself. bi-medEctoin®, in combination with the water molecules, surrounds the cells as a protective shield.

The human body consists largely of water. In adults, the water content accounts for about 60% of body weight. In women, the water content is about 10% lower, because they have more "water-poor" adipose tissue.

Water is indispensable, the water in the cells provides the nutrition for the cell, it makes many biochemical processes, such as cell metabolism, possible and also ensures the removal of used nutrients and toxic waste.

In particular, the so-called extracellular fluid, i.e. the water outside the cell, is responsible for this. The water that flows in a dense network of channels around the cells to nourish them.

All substances that want to enter or be released from the cell can only reach it through this channel system with water. This water is in direct contact with the cells as well as in active exchange with the blood supply system in the body.

Without the means of transport water, no cells could survive, simply because they would not receive any nutrients. So without water there is no life.

Thanks to the presence of bi-medEctoin®, the water molecules adhere to the cell, making it more hydrated. In the long term, the cells are strengthened, kept healthy and their resistance is increased. You can think of it like the cells can just breathe better when bi-medEctoin® surrounds them. An athlete who gets better air can run longer. We turn a normal cell into a super cell, so to speak! 😉


bi-medEctoin® can have a supportive effect in many areas. It serves both the protection and the regeneration of cells. This is very important in the horse's lungs, to protect them against stress factors such as dust, fungi and bacteria.Use this animal care product daily to protect your horse's lungs against harmful external influences and to keep them in good condition! Read more about how to use the Bitop Equilung here in the product info

Do you already have experience with bi-medEctoin®? Feel free to share it in the comments or by email to info@equinics.eu


Horse, dust and respiratory tract

Respiratory problems such as coughing, asthma and allergies are in the top 3 of most common problems in horses. And not all coughs are due to a respiratory infection, dust, allergies or an old respiratory infection can also be the cause.
Do you have a horse coughing, even if it is 'just' once when warming up? Then it is very important to do something about it! Your horse's lungs are very sensitive and a single cough quickly develops into a chronic cough, with a high risk of serious problems.
Dust - in all shapes and sizes - is the main irritating factor for your horse's lungs, even for healthy lungs. Not just 'normal' dust, but also dust from the riding arena, dust in hay and wrap, fungi, mites and bacteria, dust in bedding material, cobwebs, pollen in grass or from trees/plants, dust from your own horse when brushing, yes danger lurks almost everywhere.
Very important in treating (and preventing!) lung problems is barn, pasture and feed management! For example, it is important to give your horse as much fresh air as possible, preferably in a grooming area in the open air and not to sweep the stable when your horse is indoors. In addition, preferably train outside, or in a container where the soil is regularly sprayed - even if it is an outdoor arena. This is to prevent as much as possible that small dust particles irritate the airways (even more).🙂


Fortunately there are a number of things you can do and a number of products that you can use, if you have a horse that coughs! 👇

This way you can support your horse's airways with an inhaler, in which you can spray salt water and possibly medication. Your horse can easily inhale this fine mist, so that medication can do its work where it is needed most. Salt water also helps keep the lungs moist, which in itself is a huge help for your horse's lungs. Damp lungs are much better able to defend themselves against the harmful influences of harmful fungi, spores, dust and bacteria. 👍

Inhalation therapy is not only very useful for existing problems, but also to prevent problems! You will be amazed at how quickly it can help horses that are coughing - even when they are coughing because of dust! 🤩

👉Finally, we want to hit the ground running for the Haygain hay steamers! This great invention cleans hay and wrap from almost all dust, fungi and possibly bacteria, while the nutritional value is preserved. A very hygienic way to increase the quality of hay and wrap for your horse and to reduce or prevent respiratory problems! 

🤓Do you have any questions or do you want to discuss what could be good for your horse? Or would you like to hear what we have tried ourselves and now use for a few of our own horses?  Then we at Equinics are always there for you with honest advice, good advice and lots of experience tips from both ourselves and other users . 


Check out the collection 'Respiratory therapy' our webshop - we have a wide range of specialized products for your horse - whether it is to prevent problems, or to help treat injuries and problems. 

Equinics - Everything for a healthy and fit horse

Important: This InfoBlog is based on Equinics' own experience, both with regard to the discussed products, therapies & gadgets, problems, injuries, but also horses in general. 😃 We would like to emphasize that you should always ask your own vet (first) for advice when your horse needs help!  😊


Arnica (or Arnica Montana) has been used for centuries to treat muscle injuries, bruises and sprains, bruises and swelling.

Arnica acts as a natural pain reliever for injuries, such as sprains or tendon or muscle injuries. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and due to its antimicrobial properties it can relieve irritation when applied to the skin (but in a diluted form, such as in ointment, gel or liniment😉). Arnica also has the ability to stimulate blood circulation and by quickly sending the blood to the site of the injury, but also quickly away, so that waste products and excess (coagulated) blood are removed as quickly as possible. This process ensures that the swelling is reduced and the pain is relieved. In addition, it promotes tissue healing.

And - not unimportant -  when used quickly, Arnica helps prevent swelling and bruising. We ourselves benefit a lot from Arnica gel, both with our own horses, but also when we are injured ourselves (and this happens every now and then when you work with horses 🤪)   This is also the reason why we selection of different liniments and gels with arnica in our range!

In addition to the orderer Arnica, we also have cooling and warming liniments with Arnica, one with additional MSM for horses with joint problems and the fine Arnika Strong gel. The latter is in any case an indispensable part of our first aid kit.

But also use Arnika for a pre-workout massage, to warm muscles and joints. Or after exercise, where it can promote recovery, prevent injuries and relieve aches and/or tired muscles and joints. Arnica liniment can be used together with a massage glove or brush, for a wonderfully relaxing massage for your horse!

Gel or spread?

Gel is water-based and, because of its consistency, easy to use for topical use, for example on one leg or on a bruise if your horse has played too hard with a pasture companion.

Liniment is a liquid to be applied to or massaged into the skin. It is easiest to pour liniment onto a sponge or cloth and then apply, but you can also pour a little of the product in your hands or directly on the horse. The latter messes a little more 😉

Liniment can also be used very well as a cover, by soaking a rag/bandage/cloth in Arnica and applying it to the injured spot.

Find our selection with Arnica here: https://nl.equinics.eu/search?q=arnica

Important: This InfoBlog is based on Equinics' own experience, both with regard to the discussed products, therapies & gadgets, problems, injuries, but also horses in general. 😃 We would like to emphasize that you should always ask your own vet (first) for advice when your horse needs help!  😊

light therapy

Light therapy relieves pain - stimulates cells to repair and heal - reduces swelling and inflammation - stimulates the immune system - is effective for the treatment of chronic pain and inflammatory conditions.

Considered one of the safest therapies currently available! In light therapy, red and infrared lights are sometimes also used blue or green at specific wavelengths and frequencies to speed up the body's healing process. 

By using light therapy, the ATP production in the cells is considerably increased. ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate, a vital energy molecule that is active in many chemical reactions in the body. Due to the increased ATP, the circulation and oxygen uptake of the cell increases and in this way the healing process is promoted and accelerated.

Light therapy also increases blood flow to the area to be treated to help remove waste products from the area more quickly. It also helps reduce the sensitivity of neural pathways and stimulates the body to release endorphins, providing a natural and non-toxic form of pain relief.  

Light therapy is painless, can be used by anyone and is non-invasive, so it can be applied without causing more damage to injuries. This also makes it an excellent choice for treating chronic and acute pain.

The lights

Blue light has a proven antibacterial effect and has a good effect on the treatment of wounds, skin infections, but also, for example, fungi and eczema. 

The shorter wavelength of red light makes it particularly effective in treating infections and suitable for treating problems closer to/below the skin's surface, including cuts and scars, as well as acupuncture and trigger points and structures closer to the skin.

The longer infrared waves penetrate deeper, making it a more effective choice for treating problems in bones, joints, muscles, tendons or connective tissue. These are also the lights that you (almost) cannot see!

Important in light therapy are the wavelengths used as well as the energy that can be delivered, in order to achieve an optimal effect. The products that you will find in the Equinics range are all the result of many years of (international) research, research and trials. Do you want to read more about it? We have already collected some of those studies for you , and you can also find them in the info tabs of the various products.

Buy and rent

At Equinics you will find a wide range of different light therapy products, some for general use, others for specific problems, such as the heel bandage or the Photizo Pain Relief - especially for the rider.  We also have a number of variants in our rental service, so that you can easily try it out yourself first! And are you as convinced of light therapy as we are after a rental period? Then it is good to know that in case of purchase after rent, we settle the paid rent against the purchase price! 


Last but not least, we have a number of offers on the site: for example the fine Pony Pad, a handy format for Pony and Horse, which you can use on legs, back, crotch, neck, yes everywhere on the horse's body. If you buy a Pony pad now, you will save €210! (PS. This offer is valid in March and April 2022 and while supplies last!) 

Do you also need a smaller handheld for hard-to-reach places? Then the combination of the Equine LTS pad and the Power Torch may be a good option.As a combi package, you save € 280 on this set! 

Find our collection of light therapy products here:


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Remember: This InfoBlog is based on our (the people behind Equinics) personal experience, both in terms of the problems, products, therapies and gadgets discussed, as well as our horse experience in general. 😃 We would like to emphasize that we believe that you should always ask your vet for advice if your horse needs help.😊


Equinics on Youtube

Did you know that on You Tube we have a collection of many useful (instruction) videos about the products we sell at Equinics?

For example a video about how best to put the Accuhorsemat blanket on your horse:

leg guards

Many riders use leg protection before and/or after riding, but also as a therapeutic treatment, or to prevent problems. However, there are a few points to consider if you have to use leg protection - we think .😉 


What tips do we have here at Equinics for a horse with a squeaky heel?

Difference magnet - and ceramic therapy

We often get this question at Equinics. The two technologies are similar in function and are both beneficial to horses, but differ in their way of impact.

Compression at mug and/or wounds

Compression socks or stockings can (also) be used perfectly with, for example, 'normal' stable legs, so where the legs get worse due to poor circulation.

However, we would not use them ourselves for swelling in a leg due to new wounds.