Whether treating acute injuries, wounds or lameness, or simply keeping the hard-working horse healthy -cooling therapy is a powerful tool.

Cooling your horse's legs is especially important after training or when the horse is injured. By 'pulling' (too much) heat from the horse's legs, you can help stop the bleeding into the tissue and help the tissue regenerate. In addition, a cold treatment has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect and reduces swelling.

One of the ways to cool down your horse's legs is with the water hose. However, to work optimally, you should rinse the horse's legs for at least 20 minutes. Besides using quite a few liters of water, this method can be very impractical, especially in winter.

It is therefore easier to use cooling bandages. The bandages either have a compartment in which cooling elements can be packed, or the bandages themselves can be placed in the freezer, refrigerator or in water. 

There are also cooling clays, cooling gels and cooling sprays that you can use for cooling. They are easy to take with you to, for example, the competition or in the trailer, but this kind of cooling is of course not as efficient as bandages that have been in the freezer.

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