Massage helps improve flexibility and relaxation in horses and reduces stiffness by improving blood flow to the muscles.

Whether you massage manually, with or without a brush, or maybe with a massage pad or massage glove, all forms of massage have enormous benefits for your horse and for yourself!

Massage promotes the release of endorphins (feel good hormone) - increases blood circulation - removes waste products from the muscles - reduces fluid accumulation - increases the flexibility of the horse - localizes tensions and / abnormalities - strengthens the bond with your horse – also has a stress-reducing effect on yourself!

There are many forms of massage, from gentle massage of the skin, connective tissue massage and the powerful sports massage that tries to loosen muscle knots and stiffness. The massage products we sell at Equinics can be safely used by everyone. However, some horses (also) need expert help. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your vet and trained (physiotherapist) therapist! They can help you find the right treatment for your specific horse!

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