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  • Versatility and wither clearance at its best: the new WitherFree Pocket Configuration Pad from Acavallo can be individually adapted to the changing needs of your horse – for example during growth, by muscle development, or in the aging process.

    This correction pad can be expanded with 3 other variants  lightweight Piuma inlay pads (straight, frontriser, backriser and double riser) that you can insert in one or two layers in the correction pad places – depending on whether you want a symmetrical or asymmetrical filling of the saddle, which suits the individual musculature and build of your horse.

    This correction pad from Acavallo, with its many options, has the great advantage that you can adjust your saddle in the most optimal way. The Piuma inlay pads are lightweight and minimal in thickness, but with superior shock absorption.

    Another big advantage of this lightweight correction pad is its stable position under the saddle. The pad has a Velcro closure on the top, where the insert pads can be placed. placed. This Velcro closure ensures that the pad   - when it is under the saddle - fits perfectly in the chamber, so that the pad is stable.

    This versatile correction pad can be used on all types of horses - also suitable for horses with high withers.

    Choose the pad you need now - and possibly buy an extra Piuma inlay pad.

    Tip: We also have a complete package, which includes all variants from the beginning!! Or buy separate inlay pads later, for example if your horse has turned into muscle and you want to adjust your correction pad. Find the loose Piuma pads here.

    One Size - Black