Air-One Inhaler for Horses - RENTAL

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Price: 2 Weken + Depositum
  • Omschrijving
  • Omschrijving
  • You can rent the Air-One from Euro 65 per week, plus a deposit of Euro 500. You will of course receive the deposit back after the inhaler has been returned safely and in good condition at Equinics . The minimum rental period is 2 weeks, because it takes some time to assess the effect of the treatment.

    Do you want to buy the product immediately after a rental period? Then of course we deduct the rental price from the purchase price!

    Write us for more info!

    By placing and confirming an order for one - or more - rental products in the webshop of Equinics , you agree to the our rental conditions.

    The Air-One is a nebulization system for the treatment and prevention of respiratory problems in horses.

    Respiratory diseases are the second most common form of internal disease in horses after colic. And it's not just during the cold season that you can hear coughing and spluttering in the barn. The causes of acute or chronic cough in horses can be diverse, for example viral infections, allergies to dust, grass or pollen, or a bad stable environment.

    The Air-One Inhaler is ideal for all these respiratory conditions such as (pollen) allergy, (chronic) cough, chronic bronchitis (COB), fungal spores and/or dust in the lungs of horses and much more. Resting inhalation provides optimal moisturization of the bronchial tubes, making it easier for drugs to reach where they can be of benefit.


    • One of the most effective inhalers on the market
    • High nebulization rate (15ml/minute)
    • Small particle size, between 0.47 and 6 µmm
    • Transparent mask, for easy control of inhalation
    • Easy to apply - different sizes available
    • Optimal mask fit thanks to soft and flexible rubber gasket
    • Very user-friendly and virtually maintenance-free
    • Easy cleaning and disinfection
    • Durable, robust case with wall bracket
    • Tested for safety
    • Fault indicator in case of low contact liquid level or overheating
    • Permanent operation by 220 volt power supply

    Size: Cob/Full