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  • One of Back on Track's absolute bestsellers!! Leg protectors Royal!

    Easy to apply, with a perfect fit and super comfort!

    The Royal leg protector is easy to close with a wide Velcro strap. The leg protector has an outer layer of extra durable neoprene. The inside of the leg protector Royal consists of a removable and washable soft and thick filling with Back on Track effect.

    Back on Tracks Leg Guards Royal:

    - preventive in joint and tendon injuries.
    - can reduce fluid retention
    - has a warming and easing effect
    - fits both front and hind legs

    Perfect for use in inflammation or stable legs, and as a stable or transport protector. The Royal leg protectors are sold in pairs.

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  • How it works Back on Track

    Back on Track products are made of functional fabrics in which Welltex®  is incorporated. Welltex is a polyester (PE) or polypropylene (PP) yarn that incorporates minerals that are also found in clay and green loam. The textile is a synergy between ancient Chinese experiences and modern scientific technology.

    During the preparation of the polyester or polypropylene threads, ceramic particles are melted into the threads. The property of the ceramic particles is that when they are heated by body heat, they are reflected back to the body. The heat is reflected and is also called infrared radiation.

    Improved blood flow

    Scientific research has shown that infrared energy is absorbed by the cells of the body (3). The cells send a signal to the brain that the heat in the cell goes up. This causes the blood vessels to dilate. Not only in the skin but also in the deeper tissues. This not only reaches the superficial blood vessels, but also those in the muscles and around the joints. A better blood circulation ensures the supply of nutrients and the removal of waste products and a better fluid balance.


    The increased blood circulation in the tissues releases tension in the muscles and strengthens the body's ability to resolve inflammation and repair damage. As a result, the Back on Track products are often used for problems that involve inflammation.

    Less pain

    The same study showed a reduction in pain. People and animals with chronic pain can find relief during and after wearing Back on Track products.

    Faster recovery.
    Scientific research into wound healing showed faster recovery under the influence of infrared energy. Not only does a wound heal faster, but training damage to the muscles in the form of hairline cracks (muscle pain) is also repaired faster.

    Back on Track with Welltex® can be used preventively during preparation, during and after work. It speeds up the warm-up, helps with labor and supports recovery. Using at least half an hour before and after work gives results. Build up to 24 hours of wear is no problem.


    Back On Track advises to use the products constructively in the beginning. After a short time, people often experience a decrease in pain and a positive effect on tense muscles and stiff joints. In a more persistent situation, the gestation period can be extended without any problems, increasing to 10-20 days. Use the products for max. 4 hours the first 2-3 days. In this way the body gets the chance to get used to the effect that this material gives. After the introduction period, one could increase the use to 8 hours a day, or longer.Back On Track also works during rest and has an extra effect during movement, because the ceramic material can then reflect more heat from the body

  • Sizes
  • Available in: S ( H35 x W40cm), M (40 x 40cm), L (45 x 40cm) and XL (50 x 45cm) 

    They are designed to cover the horse's leg from the crown margin to a few centimeters above the hock or knee joint.

  • Care
  • Machine wash at a maximum of 30 degrees with a delicate cycle. Do not use fabric softener or bleach.

    Dry on low temperature, do not iron, do not dry clean.