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  • The best BoxBuddy of your horse: the BoxBear Pony!

    Does your horse have to be on a box for a shorter or perhaps longer period of time, perhaps because of an injury or other health problems? Or are you at a competition for a few days and would you like a friend for your horse? Then there is help in the form of a BoxBear!

    BoxBear Pony is 90 cm, soft and plush and has embroidered eyes, logo and muzzle which prevents the horse from swallowing loose parts.

    A BoxBear can have a therapeutic and soothing effect - both on the horse, but also on the owner. It can counteract stress in the horse and can be used, for example, for horses that need a period of box rest or foals that need to be weaned.

    When you buy a BoxBear from us, it comes standard with a safety strap, so that you can safely attach your horse's BoxBear to the box or loose stable. The strap breaks if the horse gets stuck, so the safety is top notch.

    If you need a new safety belt , you can also buy it separately from us.

    Prefer a slightly smaller BoxBear for your horse? Then we also have a BoxBear Teddy - which is slightly smaller than his pony friend.