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  • Omschrijving
  • Natural - Relaxing - Soothing

    Acoustic sedative to reduce stress in horses.

    CEECALM® is a unique product that uses acoustic stimuli to calm horses, reducing stress and tension are reduced. CEECALM is lightweight, portable and versatile, meaning it can be used almost anywhere to calm horses.

    CEECALM has been tested and developed under veterinary guidance and is based on the social behavior of the horse. For example, the sound of horses grazing has a calming effect on other horses. Their bodies become more relaxed and they often begin to eat as well. The developers of CEECALM have analyzed and put together these natural trigger sounds so that you can use them to reduce the symptoms of stress in your horse, for example when the horse is not in its normal and safe environment.

    CEECALM is portable and fits in almost any space to help you and your horse where needed. It comes with 2 types of (mobile) fittings so you can install it permanently - e.g. in a stable - or mount it quickly and easily in different places. Since it is battery operated, you can place it anywhere. You can also use multiple devices at once to cover larger areas. Since the sounds used are natural, the overall effect is always harmonious.