Equistic Saddleclip - Training Sensor

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  • Omschrijving
  • SaddleClip makes it possible to measure and analyze the horse's training.

    The Equestic SaddleClip measures the symmetry of your horse in stroke, take-off and landing. It warns you if a diagonal gets weaker or if your horse throws its weight on one side. Both are indications of potential injury or overuse. The SaddleClip measures the smallest changes long before we can feel them.

    Whether you are a professional or an amateur, there is always room for improvement. The SaddleClip shows how symmetrical your horse is, how consistent your rhythm is and how much impulsion your horse has. You can immediately see whether your training is actually yielding results. Even the tiniest bit. With the SaddleClip you can see exactly where there is the most room for improvement.

    SaddleClip is an ergonomically designed training sensor, equipped with the latest technologies. The design, material and method of attachment are the result of extensive testing and testing and make it very user-friendly. The SaddleClip is easy to use, virtually unbreakable and has a beautiful design.

  • The App
  • Equestic App makes it easy to analyze and assess your horse's performance!

    The Equestic App on your mobile phone analyzes the data captured by the SaddleClip and converts that data into clear graphs and summaries. You then get a good insight into today's training session and you can analyze the horse's movement pattern both in individual training and over longer periods.

    The app shows the different gaits, the number of transitions you have ridden and at what speed, both in time, in percentage and in graphical form. In addition, the Equestic App analyzes the rhythm and symmetry of the horse in the different gaits. That is, it measures uniformity in the diagonal pair of legs in both rhythm, take-off and landing.

    You can share this data with others via the app. This allows all members of your team to help optimize your training routine and horse welfare based on objective information.

    All data can be used to track the horse's training and make it easier to track progress. And if things do go wrong, you can more easily follow the changed movement pattern of the horse and make a rehabilitation plan based on that.

    With a new SaddleClip you will receive a full (Pro) subscription of three months for free. You can then decide which plan suits you best. All plans are monthly with a 14-day free trial.

    See here for an overview of an overview of subscriptions and costs for the Equestic SaddleClip.

  • More info
  • Technical specifications

    • Colour: Black / Brushed Metal
    • Material plastic / rubber
    • Splash and shock resistant
    • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1
    • Mobile App available for iOS11 (from iPhone 6) and Android devices from 5.1
    • 6+ hours of measurements with a full battery
    • Including 3 months full PRO subscription. After that, a subscription is required for more horses and more extensive analyses. Read all about subscriptions here
    • Minimum height at the withers for correct measurements 120 cm
    • Of course the legal guarantee applies. Legal guarantee means that a product is or must do what you as a consumer can reasonably expect from it. In addition, Equistic j offers a one-year manufacturer's warranty under normal use (free replacement or repair in the event of a defect)