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  • Omschrijving
  • Equi-N-Ice cooling products provide instant cooling compression and support. This makes it an ideal first aid product or to cool the horse's legs after hard work, after training on a hard surface or for the legs of the older horses that need some help to recover.

    Like the other Equi-N-Ice products, the socks work by drawing heat from the leg. The socks are made of a unique hi-tech textile with 4-way stretch, which ensures that the limbs can move easily and freely. In addition, they ensure a perfect fit.

    Equi-N-Ice helps in the treatment of inflammation, sore muscles, tendons and ligaments.

    Equi-N-Ice works by extracting heat, unlike other products that work by adding cold.

  • Use

  • Equi-N-Ice is easy to use, is skin-friendly and has no unpleasant odors. The temperature in the treated area drops to 10-15°C and thus remains active for 2-3 hours .

    If the Equi- N-Ice dressing once used,  that can be washed and then reused by adding new coolant so that the dressing is moist again is. The dressing can be stored in the airtight and resealable bag in which it comes, so that the dressing is always ready for use.

    Tip: We also have an Equi-N-Ice starter pack at a favorable price, as well as loose coolant.

    TIP2: The socks can also be used on the knee and heel.

    Bandage material: 100% cotton

    Content: 2 dc