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  • This Equilibrium nose net for Micklem and other anatomical nosebands, has been specially developed for horses with headshaking and who therefore continuously shake and hit their head (and/or neck) while riding.

    A nose net can be extremely effective for some head shakers. In an experiment in the UK, *79% of horses showed fewer headshaking symptoms when riding with a nose net.

    • Lightweight and discreetly shaped mesh for comfortable fit over the nose
    • Adjustable in length
    • 3 neat in 1 package!
    • Special type of gauze that helps to desensitize the horse's nose
    • Also available in a variant for English, combined or low nosebands
  • More info
  • The horse behind the story

    Margaret's horse Timmy is the inspiration for this nose net, and it is precisely this product that formed the beginning of Equilibrium Products and their mission to help improve the welfare of horses all over the world! As a young horse, Timmy started shaking and hitting his head from one moment to the next while riding. He was bobbing his head up and down violently, spitting incessantly, and even stopping while driving to rub his nose against his leg. After many sleepless nights and lots of trial and error in material and design, Margaret finally found a solution to help Timmy. What she didn't realize at the time was that by helping Timmy, she was going to help so many other horses too!

    What is a nose net?

    A nose net covers, with its special design, only the top half of the nose. When fitted correctly, it is unobtrusive, does not impede the horse's breathing, allows saliva and/or foam to exit freely from the mouth and imposes no restrictions on the type of bit or noseband used. After initial sizing and mounting on the bridle, the net can then remain in place, making it easy for everyday use.

    The results of clinical trials with Equilibrium nosenets at Montfort University in England were very positive:

    • 79% of horses showed an improvement in symptoms
    • 84% of respondents said the nose net was easy to use.
    • 88% of respondents said the nose net had a good and unobtrusive fit


    The nose net is made of a thin mesh material, sewn in an anatomical fit and which is slightly rough on the inside. This roughness helps to provide relief from hypersensitive noses by gently 'rubbing' the horse's nose. This somewhat desensitizes the hypersensitive nose, so that your horse will be less irritated when wind, dust or insects pass the nose.

    This is also the reason why there are 3 neatly in  a pack! When the roughness has worn away, you can easily replace the net with a new net. It is of course important that the nose net fits well around the nose. The net is therefore designed in such a way that you can easily cut it to length, so that you can get the best fit and effect for your horse.

    For whom is this nose net intended?

    Of course all horses can use a nose net if desired, but it is specially designed for:

    • Horses that are sensitive to wind, pollen and flies
    • Horses hitting or shaking their heads while riding


    For horses that are very sensitive, you can combine this nose net with the Equilibrium riding mask.If you notice a clear improvement with the use of a riding mask and nose net, consider a fly mask with a nose for the meadow!

  • Sizes
  • This nose net is only available in M/L and fits Cob or Full Micklem bridles 

    The net is designed in such a way that you can easily cut it to size, for the best fit and effect for your horse.


    The package contains 3 nose nets and 1 noseband with Velcro closures.




    Carefully rinse the nasal net with clean, cold or lukewarm water and let it dry naturally. Do not wring or twist the material and do not use detergent.

  • FAQ 
  • Does the nosenet fit on all anatomical bridles?

    This is the variant specifically for Micklem bridles, but it often fits other (comparable) types of anatomical nosebands as well.

    Can my horse wear a nose net during competitions?

    The rules of neatness vary from discipline to discipline, as well as from country to country. So check the relevant regulations before you register for a class.  

    Does a nose net filter pollen?

    No, it would be impossible to filter pollen from the air without restricting the horse's breathing too much. Otherwise, the nose net has to be very tightly woven and also very close to/around the nose - which will cause other problems for the horse.

    How does the Equilibrium nosenet work?

    The success of these neats indicates that they work by altering the airflow through the nose, desensitizing the horse's nose and/or distracting the horse, resulting in horses being calmer and more comfortable when riding..

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