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  • Fiberplex Sensitive is a dietary supplement for horses with diarrhoea, stomach ulcer and/or other digestive disorders and which are hypersensitive to yeast.

    A combination of beneficial fibers for digestion and lecithin, methionine and B-Vitamins.

    • Absorbs moisture so that diarrhea stops faster
    • Helps against chronic digestive problems
    • Broad spectrum - Has a positive effect on a large part of the digestive system.
    • Contains metabolic dietary fiber for better mineral absorption
    • Contributes to well-functioning intestinal flora
    • Documented positive effect in horses with gastric ulcer
    • Enriched with essential B vitamins
    • Made from high quality raw materials

    Fiberplex is a fantastic aid for gastrointestinal problems, and quickly resolves symptoms, but should always be used in combination with an optimization of feeding routines. Ask your vet and feed consultant for advice on the strategy for your horse.

    Mix fiberplex with some water and then divide it over the food. We have also had very good experiences with Fiberplex sprinkled dry over wet slop or mash, after which it is immediately fed to the horse.

  • Dosage
  • Under 450 kg: mix 1 dl with  2.5 dl water, 2 times a day.
    450 - 600 kg: 1.5 dl mix with 3.5 dl water, 2 times daily.
    About 600 kg: 2 dl mix with 4.5 dl water, 2 times daily.

    Measuring scoop = 1 dl = approx. 30 g

    2.7 kilos is sufficient for about 40 days with a horse  > 600 kg 

  • Composition
  • Potato cell wall fiber, lecithin, inulin/oligofructose


    Vitamin B1 1200mg pr kg  (36 mg pr 30 gr)
    Vitamin B6 400mg pr kg  (12 mg pr 30 gr)
    Vitamin B12 34mg pr kg  (1 mg pr 30 gr)
    Folic acid 100mg pr kg  (3 mg pr 30 gr)

    Amino acids:

    Methionine  12.4 g  pr kg  (372 mg  pr 30 gr)

    Analytical constituents

    Crude protein 11.1%
    Crude fat and crude oil 5.7%
    Crude ash 4.1%
    Crude fiber 14.9%
    Moisture 8.9%

  • Content
  • 2.7 kilo 

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