FinnTack cooling bandages

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Mate: Pony
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  • Omschrijving
  • Fast cooling bandages designed to provide comfort to the horse's leg after training or in the event of an injury. It's a quick and easy way to reduce swelling with a cold . Prevents pain and swelling and promotes the recovery of tired muscles and tendons.

    The cooling bandages ensure rapid cooling. To do this, place the bandages in the freezer for a few hours before placing them on the horse's leg. The wraps remain soft when frozen, making them easy to use around your horse's legs and/or joints.

    Using the four handy Velcro fasteners with elastic, you can easily determine the degree of compression on the horse's legs.

    Use cooling bandages e.g. after strenuous exercise, for inflammation, bruises, arthritis and for tendons and ligaments.


    • Strong nylon material
    • Easy to use Velcro 
    • For best results store in the freezer between uses
    • Sold in pairs

      Tip: Are you going out with your horse? Then store the cooling bandages in a good cooling bag or cool box, then they stay cold for a long time, is our experience. The Finntack cooling bandages also have a slightly cooling effect, even if they are not frozen. Keep 1 pair in the freezer, so you can always use a set immediately!

      Now in three sizes!

      There are three sizes, in addition to the well-known standard size, there is now also a Pony size that is a lot shorter, and an XL that is a lot higher. For example, the XL fits on the back legs, or if you also want to cool the front knee or heel.


      Pony: H x W 32 x 40 cm

      Standard: H x W 42 x 40 cm

      XL: H x W 52 x 40 cm