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  • Omschrijving
  • The FLAIR® Strips are self-adhesive nasal plasters that can support the breathing of horses. They reduce the effort required to move air in and out of the lungs, resulting in less stress on the body during exercise and faster recovery after exercise.

    Horses can only breathe through their nose and with (great) exertion the nasal passages, just above the nostrils, can close. This of course hinders the optimal breathing of the horse and as a result significantly less oxygen can be transported to the lungs. This means, among other things, reduced stamina, a higher risk of injuries, a lower lactic acid threshold, but can also lead to lung bleeding. And because your horse uses more energy to get oxygen, it can lead to reduced performance, more fatigue and slower recovery.

    The FLAIR® Nasal Strips gently support the soft tissues over your horse's nasal passages to reduce airway resistance and improve airflow.

    The FLAIR® Strips have been co-developed by veterinarians. The strips are clinically proven to help horses:

    • Easier breathing
    • Better stamina
    • Save energy
    • Preventing injuries
    • More effective cool down
    • Faster recovery
    • Protection against pulmonary haemorrhage

    Using the strips during training and/or competition can help your horse maintain healthy lung tissue and help prevent stress in and around the lungs. Horses at lower competition levels often work just as hard as those at higher levels, so the Flair strips are suitable for all horses, at all levels and in all disciplines.

    In some disciplines (such as eventing) nose strips are allowed during competitions, but of course always check the rules before using them during competitions.

  • Use
  • For best results, apply the FLAIR® Strips 30 minutes before training or activity that may cause the horse to sweat.

    Use a clean, dry cloth or, for example, kitchen paper to remove dirt and grease before applying the strip. DO NOT use water or gels on the application area.

    DO NOT shave the horse's nose before application. The FLAIR Strips have a unique adhesive designed to flow between the horse's hair and adhere to it.

    Bend the edges of the tabs before applying. This makes the lips stick better to the horse's nose.

    DO NOT touch the adhesive before applying the strip, otherwise the adhesive ability of the Strip will decrease.

    Apply FLAIR Strips two finger widths above the horse's nostrils. This placement provides optimal support for the soft tissue of the nasal cavity.

    Never use extra glue to make the strips adhere better! The FLAIR Strips have an adhesive that has been developed with the health and safety of the horse in mind. If your horse's nose is clean and dry, the Strip will stay put.

    Store FLAIR Strips at room temperature. Strips exposed to extreme heat or cold may not adhere properly.

    FLAIR Strips are a product for single use .


    • Apply to a clean and dry nose
    • Fold the edges of the strip
    • Peel the middle protective film from the patch, fold back at the mark, hold the  Strip on that piece of folded back film, then remove other protective film pieces
    • Place the Strip 2 finger widths above nostrils, press the Strip down in the middle, remove the middle piece of the liner
    • Press the Strip firmly 

      How to remove

      Leave FLAIR Strips in place after your training, until your horse has cooled down completely and has normal breathing again You can leave the strip in place, until it releases itself and falls off.

      You remove the strips by peeling gently but firmly from the top corner to the center. Do not remove   by pulling up or down.

      The plaster adhesive may cause slight hair loss, just like normal shedding.


      Packed per piece  - One Size

      Tip: For much more background information about exercise in horses related to breathing, you can find the Flair Strips site. If you have any questions please write to us!