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  • Tall, multi-purpose turkeys that you can use on all types of soils and terrain.

    Bag with 8 pieces.

    • Hexagonal - 14mm
    • Height: 16mm
    • Thread: 3/8
    • With carbide pin
    • Turkey key: hexagonal 14 mm

    HEPP Turkeys

    Since 1999, the German company HEPP has been making turkeys for jumping, driving, eventing and other equestrian sports. Meanwhile, the product range extends from small 5 mm turkeys to pointed turkeys with a height of 28-30 mm and self-cleaning threads. The turkeys are manufactured in Hepp's own workshop in Germany - on state-of-the-art CNC machines and in accordance with an ISO 9001 certified process.

    Hepp turkeys are used by many riders at all levels: from the beginner classes to World Championships and Olympics.

    Which turkeys to use when?

    Pointed and sharp turkeys are normally used on hard ground and hard surfaces. Special shapes are also an option for hard ground.

    For soft and muddy bottoms, we recommend wide and sharp turkey models.

    View this PDF with an overview of the different types of turkeys.

    Rule of thumb: screw shorter turkeys into the front irons and longer ones into the back irons.

    The turkeys we have in stock at Equinics all have a 3/8 thread, but we can also order turkeys with M10 or M12 thread.

    Looking for a different model? Write to us, we can order all turkeys from HEPS extensive range for you at home!

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