• Omschrijving
  • Omschrijving
  • Hidez compression masks, by applying gentle pressure to the horse's head and neck, can help relieve tension in the neck. In addition, the light pressure on acupressure points in the head and neck ensures a more relaxed and less anxious horse. A compression mask can also help with faster healing and recovery when your horse has a wound or swelling on its head.

    Many horse owners report that their horses have become calmer when wearing a compression mask. Other benefits reported by Hidez compression mask users include:

    • more focus
    • smoother in the neck
    • less sensitivity of the ears
    • less headshaking
    • less mouth/bit problems
    • stable nodes are smaller or disappear,
    • less separation anxiety
    • drinks better during transport / competitions

    The mask is easy to put on and take off due to the zipper under the chin. This model has ears with a little padding, so that your very stressed horses can also offer a sound-absorbing effect. Even if the horse is bothered by insects, the ears are fine, because they can help keep insects out.

    Tip: Watch the video and the size chart for help with which size to choose. On our You Tube channel you will find even more videos about Hidez and of course other products from our range.

    Your horse size not in stock?

    In principle we can order all Hidez products for your horse at home at Equinics, so do you have special wishes (colour, size or type) or would you like to order an entire compression suit? Please ccontact us for more info, conditions, delivery time and of course prices!

    Note: At the moment the Hidez products are only available on order, they therefore have a slightly longer delivery time than usual (about 7-10 days).

    Hidez Compression Masks:

    • Unique registered and patented concept
    • Zippered for easier on and off
    • Can reduce stress
    • Increases circulation for faster recovery
    • Comfortable for the horse, does not hinder movement
    • Can be worn for longer periods
    • Made of extremely breathable and moisture-wicking material
    • Can also be used on hot days / at higher temperatures
    • Machine washable


    Hidez manufactures its own fabric for their compression products. A breathable, moisture wicking fabric containing high stretch elastomeric yarn. Hidez material is durable and designed to return to its original shape regardless of the physical exertion or force the fabrics are subjected to when worn.

    Washing instructions: Machine washable on wool/delicate program, not suitable for tumble dryer.

    About Hidez

    All Hidez products are handmade in Sydney – Australia. Hidez Australia has been supplying patented compression products to many horses and their owners & trainers for years. Whether for faster recovery, pre-performance, post-performance or injury…  Hidez compression products are a great addition to your therapy range!