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Price: 1 Week + Depositum
  • Omschrijving
  • How does it work
  • Omschrijving
  • You can rent a Hylofit per whole week for only 30 Euro, plus a deposit of 150 Euro. You will of course receive the deposit back after the Hylofit has returned safely and in good condition at Equinics .

    Do you want to buy the product directly after a rental period? Then of course we deduct the rental price from the purchase price!

    Write us for more info!

    By placing and confirming an order for one - or more - rental products in the webshop of Equinics , you agree to the our rental conditions.

    Hylofit - the heart rate monitor for your horse

    Have you ever wondered if you are asking too much of your horse? Do you want to know if he is stressed or in pain? Looking for a way to improve communication with your horse?

    Hylofit is a girth attachment that measures your horse's heart rate. The horse's heart rate during and after work provides the best insight into how the horse's training can be improved. By knowing the horse's heart rate before and after work, one can further analyze the training, rest breaks, etc. In this way you promote the health and well-being of your horse.

    Use Hylofit while driving and get the following information and insights:

    Training analysis and insights
    Get a complete overview of your training on your phone or online (depending on the app you choose).

    External factors such as temperature, humidity and previous training programs can affect performance - learn what can affect your training sessions.

    Changes in the horse's heart rate may indicate congestion, stress or pain. Resting heart rate monitoring can provide early warning of illness or injury.

    Schedule new workouts
    Use zone training to vary daily exercise intensity for maximum exercise .

  • How does it work
  • Place the Hylofit Girth attachment under your horse's girth, click the Polar Bluetooth transmitter on the attachment, register in a training App and register your horse's heart rate.

    Hylofit & Apps

    Hylofit hardware can be paired with most heart rate and training apps e.g. Polar, Garmin or Fitiv Puls. This way you can monitor your horse's heart rate in real time, record your workouts and view and analyze the data after the ride. You can find them in your App store or Google Play. Feel free to ask us for more information and our own experiences! 

    Hylofit & Watches

    You can also use Hylofit with an Apple Watch, Polar Watch or other Bluetooth-enabled watches. There are many possibilities, contact us for more info!