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  • The eVysor from eQuick offers your horse maximum comfort and protection. Thanks to the combination of design and use of the best materials, the eVysor can provide 360° protection for your horse's eyes.

    1 Glasses - Multiple lenses

    You can easily change the lenses of the glasses, so that you can adapt the glasses for every situation. You can use these loose lenses  for eVysor glasses that your horse already has, as a replacement for existing lenses, or as a supplement to the color reading that your horse already uses.

    All lenses offer 100% UV protection. Available in Transparent, Dark, Mirror Blue or Mirror Orange, each with its own filter and glass tint.

    Light Transmission:
    Transparent 98.08%
    Orange Mirror 46.28%
    Blue Mirror 42.63%
    Dark 10.45%

    Filter Category:
    Transparency 0
    Mirror Orange 1
    Mirror Blue 2
    Dark 3

    Note Normally we have the dark loose lenses in stock - and all other lenses can be ordered. Feel free to send a message if you want to know more about the possibilities and possible delivery time.


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