• Omschrijving
  • Omschrijving
  • You can rent the Photizo Pain Relief per whole week for only 35 Euro, plus a deposit of 150 Euro. You will of course receive the deposit back after the Photizo  is returned safely and in good condition to Equinics.

    Want to buy a Photizo Pain Relief immediately after a rental period? Then of course we deduct the rental price from the purchase price!

    Write us for more info!

    By placing and confirming an order for one - or more - rental products in the webshop of Equinics, you agree to the our rental conditions.

    Light therapy for the rider  - promotes healing processes

    The Photizo Pain Relief is easy, simple and effective! A great tool for anyone who could use some help with chronic (pain) complaints and to improve mobility!

    Photizo® light therapy stimulates healing, relieves pain, swelling and inflammation, reduces muscle spasms and increases blood and lymphatic vessel diameters, thus ensuring faster removal of waste products and supply of oxygen and nutrients 'or building blocks' to the treated areas.

    Photizo®- Pain relief is effective in the treatment of chronic pain and inflammatory conditions associated with arthritic conditions and strain. For example, use it with:

    • Back pain
    • Neck pain
    • Inflammation
    • Swelling
    • Arthritis

    How does light therapy work

    Photizo Pain Relief's LED light therapy uses the healing effect of red and near infrared light at specific wavelengths and frequencies, for faster healing by activating the body's own pain-relieving and soothing medication.

    LEDs or light emitting diodes are non-invasive, painless, produce a mild and soothing effect and require no recovery time. Photizo® Pain Relief increases blood flow and ATP production in the treatment area to ensure all waste products are quickly removed from the area and the supply of oxygen and nutrients is improved.

    Photizo®- Pain relief is effective in the treatment of chronic pain and inflammatory conditions associated with arthritic conditions and strain, such as for example:

    • chronic pain caused by painful and inflammatory conditions related to an underlying disease, such as arthritic joints, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.
    • pain and loss of sensation linked to nerve damage.
    • pain, muscle spasms and inflammation associated with fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, flat feet or heel spurs.
    • Spine problems, back and neck pain
    • Muscle strains, sprains and muscle spasms including neck, shoulder and back muscle spasms.

    The Photizo can also be used in the treatment of headaches, overuse injuries, including runner's knee, shin splints, tennis and golfer's elbow, sciatica and pain and burning sensation caused by poor blood circulation.

    Using the Photizo Pain Relief

    Place the Photizo® Pain Relief Head (with LEDs) on the area to be treated, press the ON button and wait for the timed treatment to finish. Then move on to the next area that needs treatment. Repeat until you have finished treating all desired areas.


    • Red light 633nm & infrared light 850nm
    • Power: 1300 mW
    • Effect : 8 Joules
    • Treatment area: 4.7 cm2
    • Lifespan: 50.000 hours
    • The Pain Relief works on a built-in battery and is charged via an included adapter

    Studies have shown no side effects The delivery of the different wavelengths and power has a big influence on how the results of the treatment will be. For optimal effect, it is important that the wavelengths are within the beneficial levels, as is the case with all Photizo products.

    Photizo® Pain Relief is approved as a medical device and has been developed to meet the needs from our customers and users to a small, light, portable and efficient LED light therapy device with powerful effect for quick and easy treatments.

    Photizo Pain Relief has a CE mark.

    The Photizo Pain Relief rental model comes with a storage bag, an original Photizo charger and a user manual.