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  • This lightweight Premier Equine Ionary Mesh Blanket is designed to aid in pre-workout warm-up and post-workout cool down.

    The Ionair blanket contains woven ceramic minerals, which reflect the horse's body heat as infrared heat. Heat that penetrates the tissue and increases blood circulation. Thus, the blanket can help optimize the delivery of oxygen to cells and aid in the faster removal of waste products, as well as reduce tension, pain and inflammation and improve performance.

    Ceramic therapy promotes your horse's muscle function and reduces the risk of injury during the warm-up by preparing the muscles for training. It also aids in post-workout recovery by reducing lactic acid build-up, which can shorten the recovery phase and improve the healing process for previous injuries.

    • Lightweight mesh material with woven ceramic minerals
    • Detachable neck
    • Antistatic and antibacterial
    • High shoulder slit for extra freedom of movement
    • Breathable
    • Cross surcingles and plasticized tail strap

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    You can of course use the Ionair mesh blanket in many situations. Used before training, it can help prepare your horse's muscles for work and after training, to reduce lactic acid build-up and promote faster recovery.

    Other horse owners  have reported benefits such as the following:

    • Faster recovery
    • Quiet cool down
    • Horse feels more flexible in the body
    • Horse recovers faster after work
    • The horse relaxes 
    • Helps warm up


    The first week you use the Premier Equine Ionair blanket from 30 minutes to a maximum of one hour a day. Then you slowly build that up over a period of 1 to 2 weeks, after which you use the blanket for 4 hours a day. By the way, you can use the blanket for a maximum of 12 hours pd if necessary.


    • Not used for pregnant mares
    • Not used on open wounds
    • Always consult your vet before treatment, if in doubt or if symptoms persist!
    • Sizes
    • Premier Equine's size chart is based on the height of the stick. You can use your horse's back length as a control measure.

      Back length Lower length
      UK size Stick size
      115 168 5.6 142 - 147
      125 175 5.9 147 - 157
      130 180 6.0 157 - 162
      140 191 6.3 162 - 167
      145 196 6.6 167 - 173
      155 206 6.9 173 - 176
      160 213 7.0 178 - 183
      165 221 7.3 183 +


      Note: The size chart is only a guide, and your horse may deviate from the standard sizes.

    • Care
    • Machine washable. First, remove hair and dried sweat with a brush. Then make sure all closures are closed and machine wash at 30°C with mild soap. Use a laundry bag if necessary. Dry naturally away from direct heat sources.

      The ceramic minerals are woven into the material and are not washed out.


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