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  • Premier Equine magnetic knee pads can help reduce pain, swelling and inflammation in your horse's front knees and increase mobility. They can also significantly improve the older horse with wear and tear.

    Made of breathable ventilated neoprene with strong and secure Velcro. The soft cotton lining in the bandage contains magnets around the knee. These magnets can help reduce swelling, reduce pain and increase mobility. They can also significantly improve the horse suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.

    Key features

    • Made from breathable neoprene that molds to the horse's (front) knee
    • With fine, soft lining
    • 11 magnets placed in the soft lining of the kneepads
    • 600 Gauss high energy magnets
    • Gradually build up to 4 hours a day
    • Can only be used at rest
    • Sold per pair (1 right and 1 left)

    More info

    Benefits reported by users: Improved blood and lymph circulation • Reduced muscle tone •  Helps recover from muscle fatigue •  Reduces inflammation • Reduces pain • Improves overall health • Reduces symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism • Reduces tension and stress •  Increases general well-being

    Recommended by experts and trainers

    Premier Equine's magnetic gaiters are endorsed by experts and trainers around the world. Combining magnet technology from the USA with PE's experience in manufacturing blankets and gaiters, they have enjoyed worldwide success in all disciplines of the equestrian industry. Premier Equine has thus helped many dressage, jumping, eventing and racehorses to perform optimally.

  • How to..
  • Start with 30 minutes to 1 hour a day in the first week and gradually build up to a maximum of 4 hours a day after 2 weeks  for optimal effect.

    • Cannot be used during exercise or exercise.
    • The horse to be treated must be at rest with a regular heartbeat (in the stable, grooming area or in the trailer).
    • It is recommended to tether the horse under treatment


    The use of magnetotherapy is not recommended in the following situations:

    • On open wounds
    • In pregnant mares
    • Near pacemakers

    Always consult your vet before treatment, if in doubt or if symptoms persist!

    • Care
    • Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Rinse well and dry naturally.

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