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  • Air-Tech Sports Medicine Boots have been Premier Equine's bestseller for years.

    The booties  are made from their special Air-Tech ventilated neoprene and are highly breathable, reducing the risk of overheating the legs of the horse is kept to a minimum.

    The Sports Medicine Boots are anatomically designed and recommended by veterinarians to support all major tendons and ligaments in the horse's legs.
    The Velcro closure is strong and provides durability and sturdiness and also makes the protectors easier to use. A quick and easy alternative to bandages.

    Used by professionals in all possible disciplines, such as dressage, canter, eventing and polo.

    Air Tech Sports Gamacher:

    • Made from Air-Tech ventilated neoprene
    • Provided with strong, safe and durable Velcro
    • Protection for tendons and ligaments
    • Support for the pastern
    • Recommended by vets for support
    • Faster alternative to bandages
    • Can be used in several disciplines
    • Sold in pairs
    • Can be used on both front and hind legs
  • Sizes
  • Premier Equine's measurements are often based on the horse's height.

    In addition, the products themselves also have specific measurements, measured as:
    (A)height of the boat
    (B) the width of the boat, measured at the widest part on the inside of the the boots.
    Note that the boots should preferably have a bit of overlap.

    If you measure the height and circumference of the horse's leg (see picture), you can use those measurements to check whether you have the right size.

    Tip:  If you measure a certain size for the front legs, you often choose a size larger for the hind legs (for example M at the front, then L at the back), unless it is a specific front and hind leg model. 

    measured in i cm Height Width Stick size 
    XXS 20 21 101 - 120
    XS 22 22 122 - 137
    S 24 23 139 - 145
    M 27 27 147 - 167
    L 30 29 170 - 178
    XL 31 31 > 178


    Note: the size chart is only a guide, and your horse may of course have different sizes.

  • Care
  • Machine washable. First, remove hair and dried sweat with a brush. Then make sure all closures are closed and machine wash the protectors at 30°C with mild soap.

    Dry naturally away from direct heat sources.

    Tip: We recommend washing the boots in our 'Horse Boots Wash Bag'.

      • Tools
      • Additional customer service at equinics!

        We usually have them in stock in black and white, but if you want one of the other colors, we'll be happy to order them for you! No surcharge, but with a slightly longer delivery time than usual ;-)

        Write or call if you would like to order one of these colours: Gray - Bordeaux - Red - Turquoise - Royal Blue

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