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  • With the Quick Knot Deluxe you can have perfect knots on your pony or horse in no time. You make a braid, roll it up, put the pin through, bend the end and voila!

    The Quick Knots are also very easy to remove from the knot, it is just a matter of bending straight and pulling out the clip above the knot. The Quick Knot saves a lot of time both when braiding and removing the knots.

    The big advantage of the Quick Knot Deluxe®  is that your horse doesn't have to stand still for as long while braiding, and can therefore spend more time in the meadow or paddock.

    After the competition, the knots can also be removed quickly and easily, so that your horse does not have to stand with knots for longer than necessary. We find a very horse-friendly product - and that's why they deserve a place in our shop.

    Quick Knot Deluxe® is

    • easy to use
    • improved functional design
    • time-saving
    • no more needle and thread needed
    • beautiful and professional result 
    • can  be reused several times
  • More info
  • The handy mane clips have a special top for a good grip of the knots and are easy to use with a professional result. The 3 arms keep the pins in the mane even better. In addition, the Quick Knot Deluxe is made of plastic and metal so that it can be used more often.

    They are available in 2 sizes and 3 colours. The Quick Knot Deluxe® standard is suitable for normal mane. For extra thick mane we recommend the XL, with a 2 cm longer pin.


    • Length: Standard 4 cm, XL 6 cm
    • Content: 35 pcs pr pack
    • Color: Choose between black, brown or white
    • Material: plastic and metal
    • Packaging: resealable
  • How to
  • The Quick Knot Deluxe® works as followst:

    • Make the braids to the desired thickness and secure them with an elastic
    • Roll up the braid until it is a nice tight bun
    • Put the Quick Knot through the knot from top to bottom
    • Make sure the pin of the clip is in the middle of the bun
    • Fold the pin of the clip around the knot
    • To remove the Quick Knot, unfold the pin again
    • Pull the Quick Knot from the top of the knot

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