• Omschrijving
  • Omschrijving
  • Stimulate your horse by filling the snack ball with tasty treats, feed or natural snacks.

    • Reduces stress
    • Reduces boredom
    • Controlled and slow feeding

    There are always periods or times when your horse has to be on the stall - sometimes while his friends can be outside. For example, in case of an injury - or in very bad weather, on New Year's Eve or when the horse has to stay inside to wait for the blacksmith.

    To prevent your horse from becoming very stressed or bored, you can let your horse keep busy with this Boredom Breaker. You can fill this snack ball with carrots, apples, banana, sugar-free snacks, feed or even a little grass, so that your horse has something to do in the box. Because the horse has to work hard to get to the snacks or food, feeding time is slowed down, stress is reduced and time flies by!

    The ball is molded in one piece, so safe and durable.

    The snack ball is about 23 cm.