PIXIO & PIXEM: your own robot cameraman in the arena!

With PIXIO and the PIXEM you can film yourself during your training with your horse, so that you no longer have to rely on your partner, father, mother, boyfriend, girlfriend or stable mate.

The PIXIO or the PIXEM follows you around the entire track, inside and out! The robot automatically zooms in and out and you can start and stop the camera from a watch that you can control on horseback.

The difference between PIXIO and PIXEM?

Both are a camera robot, with the same 360-degree pan and auto zoom functions, but the PIXEM has been developed for use with your own mobile phone or tablet. The PIXIO works with your video camera and, if you buy that option, can also film with your mobile or tablet.

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Good to know: if you buy a PIXIO or PIXEM from us, we will make sure that your robot is updated with the latest software and that your robot is completely ready for use as soon as you receive it! And of course this start-and-go service is free!

Should you still need help setting up your robot, or would you like more or other technical support? Even then we are always there for you at Equinics  - at  all our products!