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  • Does your horse have breathing problems such as coughing, dust or pollen allergy, asthma or COPD?

    bi-medEctoin® easy breathe is a care product that protects, cares for and cleans the airways of horses, ponies and donkeys. It can be used for prevention, e.g. before the start of the allergy season, as well as for the symptomatic treatment of all acute or chronic respiratory diseases in horses.

    bi-medEctoin® easy breathe consists only of 13% bi-medEctoin® and water, and is free from potential irritants. bi-medEctoin® is a care product of natural origin, with a wide range of applications, including for horses. Used as an aerosol, it is particularly suitable for moisturizing, cleansing and caring for the mucous membranes.

    bitopEQUI® LUNG Complete is an isotonic, sterile, ready-to-use solution consisting of 1.3% bi-medEctoin®, saline and water. It is particularly suitable for use as an aerosol to hydrate, clean and care for the mucous membranes (e.g. the nostrils) together with, for example, a Flexineb nebulizer. This 'ready-to-go' is easy to dose and therefore easy to use in nebulizers that can contain less liquid.

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  • bi-medEctoin® is a natural, protective molecule that supports the regeneration of mucous membranes and thus supports long-term health. Due to these unique physical properties, bi-medEctoin® is suitable for long-term use.

    bi-medEctoin® easy breathe can help with:

    • Cleaning the respiratory tract of hay, pollen, mold spores and other harmful substances
    • Promote the regeneration of the damaged mucosa and protect the mucosa from other external substances, such as dust or pollen
    • Support the regeneration of the airways in acute symptoms
    • Strengthening the natural defenses
    • Reducing the symptoms due to the anti-inflammatory and cell-stabilizing effect
    • Moisturize the mucous membranes and protect against dehydration

    Tip: Want to read more about bi-medEctoin®? Then read our InfoBlog!

    • How?
    • bitopEQUI® LUNG Complete is ready to use. Depending on the inhaler, you use 15-40 ml.

      Inhalation using a nebulizer allows horses to easily inhale bitopEQUI® LUNG Complete. The fine atomization (droplet size smaller than 5 m) makes it easy to inhale deep into the airways.

      bitopEQUI® LUNG Complete is an isotonic mix, suitable for daily use. If your horse needs a stronger expectorant for a short period of time, then you can opt for bitopEQUI® Lung Easy Breathe, which you can also dose with hyperton. Read more about it here in the info-file!

      We would like to point out that from a regulatory point of view, bitopEQUI® LUNG Complete is an animal care product.


      bitopEQUI® LUNG Complete  is supplied in a pack containing 500 ml ready-to-use inhalation solution.

    • Dose your bitopEQUI® LUNG Complete using a mini-spike or dosing syringe (not included). In that case, the contents can be stored for up to 30 days after the first use. Only unscrew the cap completely if you are going to use the bottle in 1 day (e.g. when using several horses) 

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