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  • The CATAGO FIR-Tech socks combine light compression with FIR-Tech effect. The socks have woven ceramic particles in the material, which reflect the horse's body heat as infrared radiation. This increases blood circulation, tendons and joints are kept flexible and recovery periods are shortened.

    With their compression effect, the stockings are also very suitable for horses that rise in the legs, for example during transport or on the box – or for horses after a heavy training.


    The socks have light compression and are therefore less suitable for wearing for long periods of time. As a guideline, it is recommended to use them between 2-4 hours and then remove them again. If necessary, the socks can be used several times a day.

    The socks can be used on their own, or together with stable protectors or bandages.

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  • The CATAGO FIR-Tech therapeutic product line

    consists of quality products for increased well-being, faster recovery, prevention of injuries, relief of tense muscles and painful joints, as well as the treatment of old and new injuries. Also ideal for treating horses with joint or tendon problems and for older horses.

    The specially developed ceramic material converts the horse's body heat into electromagnetic infrared heat radiation and reflects it back into the body where it penetrates tissue and enlarges the blood vessels. The increased blood circulation helps to remove waste products faster and brings oxygen and micro-nutrients to the tissue faster. As a result, FIR Tech products can help reduce tension, aches and inflammations and in  improve muscle, tendon and/or joint functions in the areas where the FIR-Tech product is used.

    The FIR Tech material is breathable and moisture wicking, feels soft and comfortable and is easy to wash, without losing the effect of the material.

    The FIR Tech product line is suitable for use before and after training and competition, in the stable, during transport and often also on the meadow.


    Polyester + ceramic material

    Black - One Size - Sold by pair

  • Care
  • FIR-Tech products can be used repeatedly and machine washed (at 30gr), without losing the effect of the material. Do not use fabric softener. Dry naturally, do not tumble dry.