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  • The CATAGO FIR-Tech Pro back warmer, like the other FIR-Tech Pro products, has all the fantastic FIR-Tech benefits. However, the Pro products use a rechargeable battery to generate infrared heat quickly and therefore have a faster and more direct effect.

    The FIR-Tech Pro Back Warmer can be used before or after any type of workout to accelerate regeneration. But is of course also extremely suitable for a pure wellness treatment.

    One Size - Including battery and charger

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  • Advantages of FIR-Tech Pro products:

    • stimulates and promotes the body's own healing processes
    • increases blood flow and reduces muscle tension
    • is very comfortable and has a relaxing effect on muscles and connective tissue

    In just a few minutes, the FIR-Tech Pro back warmer reaches its core temperature and provides constant long-wave infrared heat, which is very comfortable and relaxing for muscles and connective tissue.

    The back warmer has an integrated button that allows to adjust the active infrared heat in 3 steps to ensure the best possible treatment.

    Recommended use

    • in preparation for training as 'pre-warm-up': use High (Red) 15-20 minutes
    • as muscle and tissue relaxation after exercise: use Medium (Blue) for up to 30 minutes - twice daily
    • when using the lowest level (GREEN) you can use the back warmer for up to 40 minutes


    CATAGO's FIR-Tech Pro products work with activated carbon fibers and are particularly suitable for muscles, joints and tendons. The aim is to stimulate and promote the self-healing processes that are always present in the body. Long-wave infrared radiation has been shown to help increase blood flow and reduce muscle tone. These relaxing properties make the FIR-Tech Pro products very suitable for use in sports, well-being and relaxation.

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