Cee Coach Duo

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  • CEECOACH - the ideal training system

    Regardless of networks, Wi-Fi or radio channels, 2 to 6 people can communicate with each other using the latest Bluetooth® technology. The range is 500 meters and the group is "alone" on the line - other coaches with riders do not have the same frequency so cannot interfere with training.

    Can be used for all kinds of activities where you want to connect in a simple and efficient way, such as for teaching on the track, for coaching during the warm-up before a competition , for shows and clinics and of course also for other sports.

    CEECOACH - connects

    Both the trainer and each rider has a CEECOACH unit and an earpiece with a microphone fitted to establish two-way communication. Only the trainer and the individual rider can communicate with each other, not the riders themselves. However, there is the possibility that the other riders can listen in if desired.

    If the coach already has a CEECOACH system, you as a rider can buy one set. If you want a complete "starter" trainer system, ie two units, choose a CEECOACH duo. If you want a completely wireless system, you can choose CEECOACH Plus, where you can connect a Bluetooth headset or your Airpods.

    The buttons on the CEECOACH units are easy to operate - even when wearing gloves - and are designed to be easy to use without having to look at the device during use.

    If you train outside, the microphones may be somewhat affected by the wind. It is therefore recommended that you buy a WindBlocker to reduce the interference - a clever little thing that you can place around the microphone to block wind noise.


    Excellent voice and sound quality, even over long distances and in bad weather. The coach spares his voice and is less disturbed by other riders or coaches on the field.
    Reliable and safe: interference-free Bluetooth® connection over a distance of up to 500 meters, independent of smartphone or mobile network.
    Easy operation : With just three buttons, all functions can be operated - even without looking at the device.
    High battery performance: up to 10 hours of talk time and up to 3 days of standby time.

    This set includes 2 units - these can act as either a trainer or rider unit.

    2 x CEECOACH
    2 x belt clip
    2 x Headset (earphone with microphone)
    2 x USB charging cable
    1 x USB duo adapter
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