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  • The OE14 has the same design and functionality of the OE3, but features a larger front bezel for optimum visibility. It offers the choice of audible, vibrating or muted alarms. The OE14 comes with a powerful rechargeable battery and a USB cable.

    The large 36mm display is easy to see while driving, and has an adjustable viewing angle, so you can turn the watch for easier reading.

    Convenient: you don't have to worry about it accidentally operated the watch while driving as only the Start/Stop and Mode buttons work while the timer is running.


    • 68mm ABS housing
    • 36mm diameter screen size
    • Dot-matrix 3-row display with 13 mm digit height
    • 23 mm digits for the last 59 seconds
    • Adjustable viewing angle
    • Elastic band
    • Water resistant up to 5 ATM
    • Widely placed buttons for easy operation
    • Shock-resistant construction
    • Powerful rechargeable battery with USB charging cablel

     Timer functions:

    • Normal time format (12 or 24 hr)
    • Programmable countdown with alarm to zero
    • Warning beeps during the last 30 seconds
    • Audible per minute and vibrating alarm (can be turned off if desired)
    • Programmable countdown to optimal time

    Download the user manual (in English) here.

    We have the black in stock, all other colors can of course be ordered for you at home!  Please write to us with your wishes!

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