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  • The Pivo Active Pod is a mini-camera-robot that allows you to film yourself and your horse with your smartphone during your training or lesson. The smart Pivo apps also offer the option of image (or rather video) calling, so that you can also use the Pivo Pod for remote lessons!

    However, the Pivo can do more, you can of course also use it for live streaming on YouTube or Facebook, but also for Team or Zoom meetings or for cool (action) photos!

     Pivo Active has:

    • 360° rotation
    • Intelligent Horse Tracking
    • AutoZoom
    • Predictive Follow
    • Video call
    • Smart Capture
    • Indoor & Outdoor
    • Remote Control
    • Tripod Ready

    In this Equestrian Start Pack you will find a Pivo Active, a Smart Mount, which allows you to easily position your mobile phone in a better shooting angle, and a remote control, which makes it possible to start and stop the Pivo from the horse's back .

    Remember that Pivo cannot track 1 specific object, so if there are other combinations in the lane, Pivo will have trouble following just you and your horse. If you often drive in the track together with others, it might be better to opt for the PIXEM or PIXIO, these are suitable for following 1 specific object.

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  • Pivo films best when the distance to the object to be filmed is approximately the same, so in the riding arena the Pivo is best placed in the middle and therefore on a tripod.

    This Start Package does NOT contain a tripod! If you would like a tripod, choose the Standard or Pro package.

    In the Start Pack you will find the following:

    • Pivo Pod Active *Pod Rotation Speed: 4 sec/360° rotation
    • Smart mount for your smartphone
    • Remote Control
    • Travel Case Mini 
    • Charger cable
    • Pivo Plus App
    • Pivo Play App
    • Pivo Cast App

    Note: The Pivo Apps are currently only available in English, French, German and Spanish.

    Pivo is compatible with many Android and IOS phones, check your compatibility here.

    Pivo offers 1 year warranty.

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