• Omschrijving
  • Omschrijving
  • Antiseptic hoof paste. Easy to use and effective in case of rotting ray or white line disease.

    An elastic hoof with a well-developed radius is necessary for the shock-absorbing function in the horse's legs to function optimally. Although we all do our best to prevent hoof problems in our horses, there can be factors that we cannot control 100%, for example the weather.

    Thrush Magic is an antiseptic hoof paste with a very good cleaning effect and is good to use for rock blast and White Line Disease. It is antiseptic, fights bacteria and has a drying effect, so that the fungi and bacteria no longer have the best conditions to survive.

    Instructions for use

    Press 1 to 3 cc of Trush Magic in the jet grooves, in any holes in the white line and/or on the sole. Thrush Magic can also be used under the irons, for example when hitting.

    Use once a day for 3 days and then once a week.

    Content: Tube with 30 gr