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  • Omschrijving
  • Omschrijving
  • Vert is the world's first horse head sensor and display, helping you ride with consistency and precision every day. Using visual feedback, Vert is a product designed to help riders assess their horse's head angle in relation to vertical.

    It is attached to the bridle between the ears and measures the head angle of the horse towards relative to the vertical. When you work with the horse and it bends or bends around the neck, an accurate digital sensor detects the angle of the horse's head. The display then shows the angle with a colored light: for the vertical: blue light. On the vertical: green light. Behind the vertical: red light.

    Vert was designed by one of the world's most iconic researchers, Prof. Hilary Clayton. Vert is controlled by an app on your iPhone and in the app you can easily adjust the Vert to the specific horse you need to train. For example, you can adjust the sensitivity and brightness of the sensor and also adjust the Vert to match the horse's training level. For a young horse it is best to use a wide middle zone. For a better trained horse, use a narrower center zone.

    In addition to 'Head angle', you can also choose to choose 'Tempo' or 'Heartbeat' to get feedback on what pace you are riding. For example, this feature is a great help in military / cross-training or distance training.

    You are in control

    Indoor or outdoor, in the arena or in the woods, alone or with a trainer, Vert monitors and informs you of the horse's head position - without the need for mirrors!