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  • Omschrijving
  • WetHoof provides natural moisture to dry hooves in a very easy way.

    WetHoof is a great help during dry periods, or when your horse often has dry hooves. WetHoof is easy to use, very horse friendly and can save you a lot of time and water consumption.

    Let WetHoof absorb water for about 10 seconds, then apply a WetHoof to each hoof and let the moisture do its job!

    • No more hassle to make your horse stand still in a bucket of water
    • No wasted water and time by standing and rinsing with the water hose

    There are 2 pieces WetHoof in a smart, reusable packaging that you simply fill with a little water. Allow the WetHoof s to absorb water for 10-20 sec, place WetHoof around the hoof, and cut the Velcro to the desired length and leave them on for as long as you feel it's necessary!

    Use them for example before and after driving, at night on the box, on the trailer - and possibly even on the paddock.

  • 1 x immersion provides moisture for up to 12 hours
  • Eco-friendly and water saving
  • Machine washable up to 60 degrees
  • Sold in pairs

  • Our experience with WetHoof

    There is no minimum usage time indicated on the WetHoof , as usage naturally depends on the dryness of the head (and the environment). Half an hour naturally gives more moisture than just a few minutes, that goes without saying. But our experience is that even short use, but often (read: every day) also shows a significant difference!

    Our tip: keep an eye on your horse's hooves and adapt your use of the WetHoof s to your horse!

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  • WetHoof comes in 3 measures

    Small - suitable for C and D ponies

    Medium - Suitable for horses, but also for large ponies with coarser hooves

    Large - For the big horses with big hooves

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  • Washing instructions: Close the Velcro before washing, use a washing bag if necessary and wash at a maximum of 60 degrees.

    Colour: white
    Material: 100% undyed cotton