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  • Omschrijving
  • The WHIS Competition  offers instructor and rider the opportunity to communicate with each other (talking back to the instructor). The WHIS Competition has a fully protected private connection. This 'private connection' technology ensures that at a location where many instruction sets are used, the WHIS Competition fully automatically arranges that the instructor maintains his private connection with the rider. The supplied headsets specially designed for riders sit hygienically against the ear. The WHIS Competition has the shortest connection time, with no echo or reverberation.

    Because the talk back function is not always necessary or not desired, you can use the different types of earphones supplied can also be chosen to only use the listening function with the WHIS Competition.

    The WHIS Competition is very easy to use, just turn the device on.

    The range of the WHIS Competition is guaranteed in practice up to 100 metres, which is more than sufficient for a dressage arena. The backlit display in unique design shows battery status, connectivity and volume, which is handy because you always know where you stand. The WHIS Competition is equipped with a replaceable battery and a charger with world plug. In short, everything has been thought of. The WHIS Competition is delivered ready to use in a personalized case.

    The WHIS competition set consists of:

    • Two WHIS devices.
    • A 220 V duo charger that can be used to charge both WHIS devices at the same time.
    • 2 headsets with reinforced cable and windscreen.
    • 1 mono earpiece with reinforced cable and aluminum plug connection
    • A discreet little clip-on microphone with built-in noise cancellation.
    • A beautiful storage case with individual nameplate and foam padding.
    • 1 year warranty.
    • The set is delivered ready to use with multilingual manual.

    Note: The delivery time on WHIS products is often slightly longer than usual (about 5-7 extra days).

    WHIS - made for the discerning rider

    The exclusive registered designs of WHIS have been developed in collaboration with top riders and are very suitable for the demanding competition rider. WHIS is official partner of Helen Langehanenberg, Charlotte Dujardin and Adelinde Cornelissen.

    The properties of the WHIS Competition:

    • Works fully automatically (the device only needs to be switched on)
    • Each set has a private connection that cannot be eavesdropped between 2 people
    • Can be used in two ways: talk back or listenonly 
    • Mute function (blocking speech)
    • Illuminated display with connectivity, battery and volume status
    • Guaranteed range of 100 meters in practice (500 m. in lab test)
    • Replaceable battery with 8 hour run time
    • Micro USB charging point with lockable cap
    • Charger with world plug
    • 3.5 mm input jacket for headset (your own headsets can also be connected)
    • 2 headsets with reinforced cable, windscreen (to prevent your microphone from picking up wind when using it outdoors) and aluminium plug connection 
    • 1 mono earpiece with reinforced cable and aluminum plug connection
    • 1 clip microphone with windscreen (to prevent your microphone from picking up wind when using it outdoors) with reinforced cable and flexible silicone connection
    • Size: 7.5 x 5 x 2
    • Suitcase with carrying strap